Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Shower

My wonderful friends here in Manhattan threw me an awesome baby shower last weekend!  Thank you so much Debby, Robin and Shauna!!  I have some amazing friends!

Here are some pictures from the shower:

 I got to keep all the cute outfits that were on the clothes line - thanks Robin and Shauna!
 I was so excited that my Mom got to come to the shower.
 Getting bigger - one more day till 28 weeks
 Yummy food!
 Can't wait to try this out - thanks Shauna!
 Such a pretty dress - thanks Debby!
 My sister made me the cutest stuff - thanks Megan!
 Robin- I am loving this outfit - Thanks!
 I think this present will be great for Mike - he is going to have a blast figuring it out- thanks Jeff and Barb
 I love this seat - had one for my two boys and now a new one for my girl!  Thanks Katie and Danny
These "cupcakes" are sooo cute!  I don't want to take them apart so they are going to be used as decoration! Thanks Ashley and Nate

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