Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 8th - Happy Day!

So I am a little - no a lot behind on updating my blog since the 8th of August.  Why you ask?  Because that is the day that Mike came home from Iraq!!

My friend Debby bought these balloons that were waiting on the mailbox when Mike got home!  Thanks Debby!!  I will try to add the video that I took when the boys and I went to pick him up at the airport - if I can get Mike to figure out how to do it for me.  We didn't tell the boys he was coming home (he wasn't due back for another month) so I told them that we were going to pick up a friend.  Neither one of them wanted to go to the airport - especially for the 9pm flight.  They both were SHOCKED to see him when he came up to them.  Luke even asked me if it was really Daddy.  After that initial reaction they gave him a big hug and then the rest of the people from Mike's work came it to see him too.
      The next day they wanted to get out and spend some time with Mike so he took them on a little run around the neighborhood.

We are all so thankful to have Mike home safely from his deployment!!