Sunday, March 27, 2011


On each Sunday, until Mike comes home, the boys are pulling one link off the chain that they made.  On each of the chains the boys drew pictures.  Luke drew a picture of him and daddy on the one that he will take off the week that Mike comes home.  It is very cute! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We took a short road trip to the Topeka Zoo today.  I don't know why it has taken us so long to get up there but we made it today.  I thought that I had forgotten the camera so no pictures.  I then found it on our way out of the zoo - oh well, I guess we will have to go back again.  It was a nice zoo that had a variety of animals that our zoo in Manhattan doesn't have.  We got to see a baby hippo which was great, the boys loved it.  They also have gorillas (hiding today) and orangatangs, giraffes and black bears.

After the zoo we went to Chucky Cheese's for lunch - the boys had a great time playing all the games and winning tickets. 

Then we went to Toys R Us - the boys still had some gift cards from Christmas so they each got a few toys.  Guess it is time to go through the toy room and get rid of some of the old toys!! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break for Alex and Luke starts today!  And it is 49 and raining, yuck.  Was hoping to get in a lot of time at the Zoo and parks for the break but that might not happen.  We have rain in the forecast for almost the next ten days.  I guess I should have planned to go somewhere.  Oh well. 

Alex started soccer practice last week with his team for the spring season.  He is on the Wizards again this season.  Here are some pictures.

Luke and I played with the soccer ball for a few minutes but he spent most of his time playing in the dirt :)

Chalk drawings:  The boys had a nice day and decided to do some drawings on the driveway- here are a couple

Monday, March 14, 2011


The calendar may say that it is the 14th of March but the outside of my house right now says January!  I am so over the snow!!  It is supposed to be 70 on Wednesday.  CRAZY weather here in Kansas!

I also took some pictures of some flowers I have in my house right now - they make me dream of spring!

Warmer weather....warmer weather....warmer weather......

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mike's Deployment Starts

Yesterday Mike left for his deployment to Iraq.  We picked up Alex early from school and then went to the park to play and take some pictures.  Then to the Manhattan airport to send him off.  After saying goodbye and watching his plane leave we went to the zoo and then to see the movie Rango.  Here are some pictures from the day...

Alex and Mike

Luke and Mike

Alex on the top of the rock climbing structure

The family at the airport

I love this picture!  Alex looks so grown up!

Mike's plane just before he boarded.

The boys at the zoo.

Luke insisted on sitting on the chimp :)

The boys watching previews before the movie.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It is now the 8th of March and you would think that the weather would start getting better - but you would be wrong.  Today we had a high of around 37 and got a snow and rain mix.  I am really tired of snow.  It really makes me miss Arizona weather.  Looking forward warmer weather.  Please??