Thursday, June 30, 2011


Here are some new pictures of the boys that my sister took when we went up to visit her.  I love them!  Waiting on my prints to come in so that I can hang them on my wall!!

 This on was a lot of fun!  
My parents with all their grandkids! 

More Arizona Pics - Monument Fire and Antelope Fire

These are all pictures from either the Monument Fire or the Antelope Fire - all taken from my parents house.  Thankfully it didn't get to their house. 

 At the top of Miller Peak.

 Start of the Antelope Fire - in the next few pics you can see how fast it grew, there are less than 10 minutes between them.

 This is the last of the Antelope pics - the planes were there fast to stop this one!

 Note the flames at the bottom of the smoke line on the mountain.

Last I heard they had now contained 95% of the fire.  We are all praying for rain with no lighting for the area to get this thing put out for good!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Arizona trip- Water and park fun!

 Alex on the turtle - his favorite place to hang out at the splash pad.  Uncle Eric watching and Leighton in the yellow top, all having a great time getting wet!
 My niece having fun! 

 Alex at the park.
 Luke at the park.
Getting ready to take off on a rocket ship!
 Cousins playing in the pool!

Alex's 7th Birthday Celebration

For Alex's 7th Birthday we drove up to spend the weekend with my sister, Megan and her family.  My parents also came up to celebrate with us!

 My sister makes the best cupcakes!  So she made Alex a cupcake birthday cake :) They were super yummy!
 Alex with his cousin Leighton!
 Alex and Grandma
 Alex and Papa
Alex blowing out his candles!  Happy Birthday Alex!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Here are a couple of pictures of some flowers from my parents backyard.  I am going through all the pictures from vacation and will start putting some more up soon.  I also have one of the boys playing in the backyard (although it is hard to see them in the back center of the picture).

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm Back!

The boys and I are now back from our 3 week vacation to Arizona.  We had a great time visiting with everyone!

 Here are some of the pictures that my sister worked of the family from April.  Then I will add all the others (there are a ton) later.  I love how the ones my sister took turned out!  Thanks Megan!!