Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break for Alex and Luke starts today!  And it is 49 and raining, yuck.  Was hoping to get in a lot of time at the Zoo and parks for the break but that might not happen.  We have rain in the forecast for almost the next ten days.  I guess I should have planned to go somewhere.  Oh well. 

Alex started soccer practice last week with his team for the spring season.  He is on the Wizards again this season.  Here are some pictures.

Luke and I played with the soccer ball for a few minutes but he spent most of his time playing in the dirt :)

Chalk drawings:  The boys had a nice day and decided to do some drawings on the driveway- here are a couple


  1. LOVE the kitty! And Luke playin in the dirt!lol

  2. Alex loves to draw kitties now! He has ones that are laying down, standing and two in a box!